Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spread Your Fire

   After defeated a few trainers on Route 102, I headed into Petalburg to visit my dad at his new gym. He wasn't expecting a visit from me, and he didn't even know I had any Pokemon yet. I burst through the gym door, eager to show him what I've done since moving in.

   "I'm sorry, we're not accepting challenges to the gym yet." He said as he slowly turned toward me. "Come back in a couple of da- Oh! Wolfgang, you made it here! I wasn't expecting you to show up alone."

   "Well, I'm not alone, dad. Professor Birch gave me a Pokemon, and I've already caught two others!"

   "Haha! I new training ran in the family!"

   Before he could finish his thoughts, a young boy timidly came into the gym. He looked very frail. "Uh, Mr. Fegelein, my parents said that, uh, you would be able to, uh, help me catch a Pokemon? See, I'm going to Verdanturf Town, and I'd like to, uh, have a Pokemon to keep me company while I'm there."

   "So, your Wally, huh? No problem! I'll lend you a Zigzagoon and give you a few Pokeballs. My son, Wolfgang, will show you how to catch a Pokemon, okay!"

   "Okay! Thanks Mr. Fegelein! Come on, Wolfgang, let's go!" Wally said, rushing out the door. I hurried after him, and took him to Route 102.

   "Wally, go into that patch of tall grass and walk around for a little bit. It shouldn't take too long for a wild Pokemon to pop up." He did as I instructed him. After a few steps, a wild Ralts jumped out at him. "Okay, Wally, send out the Zigzagoon, and weaken it a little bit."

   "Got it!" Wally said as he threw Zigzagoon's pokeball. Zigzagoon popped out, eager to fight. "Zigzagoon, use Tackle!" Ralts responded with Growl.

   "Use Tackle again, Wally. It's not weak enough to catch yet."

   "Alright! You heard him Zigzagoon!" The attack whittled Ralts's hit points down to where it needed to be. It weakly responded with Growl. Wally threw the pokeball at it, and easily caught it. He slowly retrieved it, as if he couldn't believe that he had caught it.

   "You see, Wally? There's nothing to it! Raise that Ralts well, and use it to catch more Pokemon!" I said, patting him on the back. "Now, let's go back to my dad's gym so you can return that Zigzagoon."

   We walked back to the gym. Wally kept staring at the ball he caught Ralts in proudly. "Hey Mr. Fegelein! I did it! I caught a Pokemon!" Wally yelled as we went in.

   "Great job, Wally!" He said, coming toward us. "It wasn't nearly as hard as you thought it'd be, was it?"

   "Nope!" Wally replied, handing Zigzagoon's pokeball back to my dad. "Well, my parents want me back home, so I gotta go. Thanks again you guys!" He rushed out of the gym before we could respond.

   "Good job, Wolfgang, you're going to be a damn good trainer. So, I bet you'll be taking the gym challenge, right? You'll want to start at the gym in Rustboro. To get there, just go straight through the Petalburg Woods."

   "Alright dad, thanks for the advice." I said, heading  out the door.

   "Now go, spread your fire." He said. I turned around and nodded, pretending I knew what he meant by it. He could be vague at times, but the phrase seemed to hold meaning to him. With that, I left my "comfort zone" in Hoenn and headed for Rustboro.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lack of updates

Hey guys, I'm really sorry about the lack of updates recently. I serious family issue has come up, and I haven't had much time for Pokemon lately. However, I'll be back with a real update by tomorrow at the latest, but I'm thinking it will be tonight.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Becoming a True Trainer

   "Hurry up, Wolfgang!" May shouted at the edge of Oldale Town.

   "I'm, coming, I just need to heal FrydChiken!" I said as I rushed into the Pokemon center. It only took a few seconds for Nurse Joy to heal him, so I rushed out and joined May as we walked to Professor Birch's lab.

   "You've got the battling part of training down, but you also need to catch Pokemon, Wolfgang." She said as she hopped off of a ledge. "The Pokemart in Oldale Town was out of Pokeballs last I checked, but the manager said he had another shipment coming in soon."

   "Good. And I'll be able to catch Pokemon just fine, May. Just wait and see."

   "You sure are cocky for someone who just got his first Pokemon, Wolfgang, you should tone that down a bit." She laughed.

   "Yeah, I should. But you know what they say, like father, like son."

   "Don't use an old saying to justify shortcomings." She said as she walked into the lab.

   "Ah, you're finally here! So, how was the battle, Wolfgang?" Birch asked.

    "I barely beat your daughter. I need to raise FrydChiken more carefully."

   "It's a good thing you're so concerned about your Pokemon, Wolfgang. Now, I have a favor to ask of you. I need you to take this Pokedex, and catch as many Pokemon as you can. May has one, and it's been a great help to my research. Will you do this?"

   "Of course, Professor Birch! I can't wait to get started!" I said as I accepted the Pokedex.

    "Wolfgang, I have a few extra Pokeballs, why don't you take these so you can get started!" May said as she handed me five Pokeballs.

   "Wow. Thank you guys so much! I'm off to catch some Pokemon!"

    I rushed out of Littleroot and headed to Route 103. Before I started, my dad told me that it was best to only catch one Pokemon per route when you start off, so you don't overwhelm yourself, and I intend to follow his advice. Since I'd already seen Pokemon on Route 101, I decided to skip it.

   It didn't take long for me to find a wild Pokemon. A Poochyena popped out of the grass and attacked. FrydChiken carefully whittled down its hit points, and I threw a Pokeball at it. It shook three times, but I caught it. I named him Nero, since it seemed to fit him. This worked out well in a way, since the first Pokemon I saw in Hoenn was the Poochyena that was attacking Professor Birch.

   I couldn't stop at just one new Pokemon, so I rushed to Route 102. I found a patch of grass by a pound, and started searching it. I found a Surskit right by the edge of the pond, and FrydChiken did exactly as he did before. I threw a Pokeball, and assumed I had caught it, but it escaped. Startled, I had to think about what to do next. I was afraid that another Scratch would knock it out, so I just threw another Pokeball at it. This time, I succeeded, and I named him Stagno.

    I healed my new bros at the Pokemon center, and I decided to train them before I got into any real battles. So, I headed to Route 101, and started grinding.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Steps on the Thousand Mile Journey

   I rushed toward the screams, and found it was Professor Birch himself under attack... by a single Poochyena. I had to contain my laughter, and rescue this poor man.

   "Hey, kid! There are Pokemon in my bag over there! Release one and HELP ME!!"

   I opened his sack, and saw three Pokeballs. Without looking, I grabbed one and tossed it. A Torchic burst forth, eager to help its master.

   "Torchic, use Scratch!" I commanded, and I was surprised that he did as a stranger told him. His concern for Professor Birch is admirable.

   After a barrage of Scratch attacks, the Poochyena was defeated. "Come back to my lab so I can thank you properly." Birch said through deep breaths. He trudged off toward his lab, so I followed him.

   In the lab, Birch surprised me by letting me keep the Torchic. I decided to name him FrydChiken. With my own Pokemon, Hoenn is mine for the taking!

   "Wolfgang, my daughter, May, is out on Route 103. Why don't you find her and challenge her to a battle?"

   "That sounds great, Professor, but don't blame me when your daughter comes back crying about her defeat!"

   "Haha! You may be the son of a gym leader, but you'd be a fool to underestimate my daughter."

   "Why don't we see who's underestimating who, then?" I asked as I left the lab. I found a couple of wild Pokemon on Route 101, so I knocked them out for some experience. I got through Route 103 without seeing any more, and May was at the end of the road.

   "Hey, May! Your dad gave me a Pokemon! Wanna give me my first trainer battle?"

   "Oh, that's great, Wolfgang! But my Mudkip will be too much for you!" Her little blue Pokemon looked confused when she sent it out. Not a problem for FrydChiken!

   "Try your best, May, but FrydChiken will leave you crying!" Torchic came out of his ball with confidence, and immediately started using Scratch on Mudkip. As soon as he started attacking it, the Mudkip snapped out of its stupor, responding with a barrage of Tackles. It was short battle, and FrydChiken was down to three hit points, but we were victorious.

   "Wow, Wolfgang, being the son of a gym leader seems to have its perks. You demolished me!"

   "Yeah, but you gave me a run for my money. I can't wait to battle you when we get tougher."

   "Yeah! Let's go back to my dad's lab. I've got a gift for you!" She rushed off before I could respond. But still, my journey is starting off on the right foot. My first Pokemon is awesome, and I won my first battle! Now I just need to catch some new Pokemon. That will have to wait, though, I don't want to keep May and Professor Birch waiting.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Move to Littleroot

   "Take courage, and leap into the world of Pokemon where dreams, adventure, and friendships await!"

   Professor Birch's Introduction to Pokemon Training video ended, so I shut off my portable DVD player. My family was moving to Littleroot Town in Hoenn, and we were actually going to be his neighbors! Plus, since my dad is the new gym leader of Petalburg, I'll make easy connections here.

   The moving truck hit a large bump in the road, and several boxes came crashing down on me. "Shit!" I swear, my family is doing this to me so I'll leave as soon as I can. Trust me, I'll be like a bat out of hell once I have a Pokemon of my own.

   We came to a stop, and I heard my mom get out of the truck. "Wolfie, we're here, honey!" She shouted as she opened the back of  the truck. "You look like hell, son. Are you okay?"

   "I'll be fine, but I would've been better if you would've given up the extra fifty bucks for a truck with more seating."
   "Oh come on, I've already apologized for it. Let's look at the house, shall we?"

   "Okay." I sighed as I climbed out of the truck. I have to admit, it is a pretty damn nice house.

   "You're room is upstairs, hon. Your dad bought you a new clock to commemorate our move here. You better go up and set it!"

   Clocks: worth a few dozen pounds of packages falling on you any day. I went upstairs and set it, and got set to leave. I had to explore my new home town a little bit.

   "Hey, Wolfie, since you're going out, why don't you go next door and introduce yourself? It's Professor Birch's house, and I'm sure you'd love to meet him."

   "Well, of course I'd love to meet him! He's the one who hands out Pokemon to new trainers around here, after all!" So, I went next door, and rang their doorbell. A woman told me to come in, so I did without hesitation.

   "Oh, hello. And you are?"

   "Wolfgang, Norman's son. I just moved here."

   "Oh, okay! I'm pleased to meet you, Wolfgang! I'm Mrs. Birch. You know, we have a daughter about your age. Why don't you go upstairs and introduce yourself to her? I'm sure she'll be thrilled to meet a new friend."

   "Okay, Mrs. Birch, thanks!" I went upstairs and heard their daughter loudly preparing something, and talking to herself while she was doing it. I no longer had any doubts in my mind as to why the Birch's wanted their daughter to make a new friend. I can just hope she turns out to be semi-normal. I knocked on the door, and the room immediately went silent. She opened the door slowly, and peeked out at me.

   "Who are you?"

   "I'm Wolfgang, your new neighbor."

   "Oh, so your move was today.." She said as she opened her door. "Well, I'm May!" She said as she put out her hand for a handshake."It's very good to have some new people in Littleroot! Your new house has been empty for about a half a year, after all. And I'm sure my dad will love having someone else around to help him with his research."

   "Are you sure he'd let me help him?"

    "Of course! He's always looking for young trainers to travel around Hoenn. Oh, speaking of that, I have to help him catch wild Pokemon. I'll see you later, Wolfgang!"

   She sped off, leaving me alone in her room. I saw no point in sticking around, so I left to look for Professor Birch, but my search was interrupted by screams coming from the edge of town.

Introduction to this blog

   Nuzlocking is a great way to add challenge to your Pokemon game, and either streaming it or making Nuzlocke comics lets you share your journey with many. However, I don't have the equipment to stream my Nuzlocke runs, nor the artistic talent to make a comic. So, I decided I'd blog about my Nuzlocke experiences instead. I'll be beginning a Sapphire Nuzlocke today, and I'll try to update with my progress everyday. Thank you for checking out my blog, and I hope you enjoy it!