Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Becoming a True Trainer

   "Hurry up, Wolfgang!" May shouted at the edge of Oldale Town.

   "I'm, coming, I just need to heal FrydChiken!" I said as I rushed into the Pokemon center. It only took a few seconds for Nurse Joy to heal him, so I rushed out and joined May as we walked to Professor Birch's lab.

   "You've got the battling part of training down, but you also need to catch Pokemon, Wolfgang." She said as she hopped off of a ledge. "The Pokemart in Oldale Town was out of Pokeballs last I checked, but the manager said he had another shipment coming in soon."

   "Good. And I'll be able to catch Pokemon just fine, May. Just wait and see."

   "You sure are cocky for someone who just got his first Pokemon, Wolfgang, you should tone that down a bit." She laughed.

   "Yeah, I should. But you know what they say, like father, like son."

   "Don't use an old saying to justify shortcomings." She said as she walked into the lab.

   "Ah, you're finally here! So, how was the battle, Wolfgang?" Birch asked.

    "I barely beat your daughter. I need to raise FrydChiken more carefully."

   "It's a good thing you're so concerned about your Pokemon, Wolfgang. Now, I have a favor to ask of you. I need you to take this Pokedex, and catch as many Pokemon as you can. May has one, and it's been a great help to my research. Will you do this?"

   "Of course, Professor Birch! I can't wait to get started!" I said as I accepted the Pokedex.

    "Wolfgang, I have a few extra Pokeballs, why don't you take these so you can get started!" May said as she handed me five Pokeballs.

   "Wow. Thank you guys so much! I'm off to catch some Pokemon!"

    I rushed out of Littleroot and headed to Route 103. Before I started, my dad told me that it was best to only catch one Pokemon per route when you start off, so you don't overwhelm yourself, and I intend to follow his advice. Since I'd already seen Pokemon on Route 101, I decided to skip it.

   It didn't take long for me to find a wild Pokemon. A Poochyena popped out of the grass and attacked. FrydChiken carefully whittled down its hit points, and I threw a Pokeball at it. It shook three times, but I caught it. I named him Nero, since it seemed to fit him. This worked out well in a way, since the first Pokemon I saw in Hoenn was the Poochyena that was attacking Professor Birch.

   I couldn't stop at just one new Pokemon, so I rushed to Route 102. I found a patch of grass by a pound, and started searching it. I found a Surskit right by the edge of the pond, and FrydChiken did exactly as he did before. I threw a Pokeball, and assumed I had caught it, but it escaped. Startled, I had to think about what to do next. I was afraid that another Scratch would knock it out, so I just threw another Pokeball at it. This time, I succeeded, and I named him Stagno.

    I healed my new bros at the Pokemon center, and I decided to train them before I got into any real battles. So, I headed to Route 101, and started grinding.


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