Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Steps on the Thousand Mile Journey

   I rushed toward the screams, and found it was Professor Birch himself under attack... by a single Poochyena. I had to contain my laughter, and rescue this poor man.

   "Hey, kid! There are Pokemon in my bag over there! Release one and HELP ME!!"

   I opened his sack, and saw three Pokeballs. Without looking, I grabbed one and tossed it. A Torchic burst forth, eager to help its master.

   "Torchic, use Scratch!" I commanded, and I was surprised that he did as a stranger told him. His concern for Professor Birch is admirable.

   After a barrage of Scratch attacks, the Poochyena was defeated. "Come back to my lab so I can thank you properly." Birch said through deep breaths. He trudged off toward his lab, so I followed him.

   In the lab, Birch surprised me by letting me keep the Torchic. I decided to name him FrydChiken. With my own Pokemon, Hoenn is mine for the taking!

   "Wolfgang, my daughter, May, is out on Route 103. Why don't you find her and challenge her to a battle?"

   "That sounds great, Professor, but don't blame me when your daughter comes back crying about her defeat!"

   "Haha! You may be the son of a gym leader, but you'd be a fool to underestimate my daughter."

   "Why don't we see who's underestimating who, then?" I asked as I left the lab. I found a couple of wild Pokemon on Route 101, so I knocked them out for some experience. I got through Route 103 without seeing any more, and May was at the end of the road.

   "Hey, May! Your dad gave me a Pokemon! Wanna give me my first trainer battle?"

   "Oh, that's great, Wolfgang! But my Mudkip will be too much for you!" Her little blue Pokemon looked confused when she sent it out. Not a problem for FrydChiken!

   "Try your best, May, but FrydChiken will leave you crying!" Torchic came out of his ball with confidence, and immediately started using Scratch on Mudkip. As soon as he started attacking it, the Mudkip snapped out of its stupor, responding with a barrage of Tackles. It was short battle, and FrydChiken was down to three hit points, but we were victorious.

   "Wow, Wolfgang, being the son of a gym leader seems to have its perks. You demolished me!"

   "Yeah, but you gave me a run for my money. I can't wait to battle you when we get tougher."

   "Yeah! Let's go back to my dad's lab. I've got a gift for you!" She rushed off before I could respond. But still, my journey is starting off on the right foot. My first Pokemon is awesome, and I won my first battle! Now I just need to catch some new Pokemon. That will have to wait, though, I don't want to keep May and Professor Birch waiting.