Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spread Your Fire

   After defeated a few trainers on Route 102, I headed into Petalburg to visit my dad at his new gym. He wasn't expecting a visit from me, and he didn't even know I had any Pokemon yet. I burst through the gym door, eager to show him what I've done since moving in.

   "I'm sorry, we're not accepting challenges to the gym yet." He said as he slowly turned toward me. "Come back in a couple of da- Oh! Wolfgang, you made it here! I wasn't expecting you to show up alone."

   "Well, I'm not alone, dad. Professor Birch gave me a Pokemon, and I've already caught two others!"

   "Haha! I new training ran in the family!"

   Before he could finish his thoughts, a young boy timidly came into the gym. He looked very frail. "Uh, Mr. Fegelein, my parents said that, uh, you would be able to, uh, help me catch a Pokemon? See, I'm going to Verdanturf Town, and I'd like to, uh, have a Pokemon to keep me company while I'm there."

   "So, your Wally, huh? No problem! I'll lend you a Zigzagoon and give you a few Pokeballs. My son, Wolfgang, will show you how to catch a Pokemon, okay!"

   "Okay! Thanks Mr. Fegelein! Come on, Wolfgang, let's go!" Wally said, rushing out the door. I hurried after him, and took him to Route 102.

   "Wally, go into that patch of tall grass and walk around for a little bit. It shouldn't take too long for a wild Pokemon to pop up." He did as I instructed him. After a few steps, a wild Ralts jumped out at him. "Okay, Wally, send out the Zigzagoon, and weaken it a little bit."

   "Got it!" Wally said as he threw Zigzagoon's pokeball. Zigzagoon popped out, eager to fight. "Zigzagoon, use Tackle!" Ralts responded with Growl.

   "Use Tackle again, Wally. It's not weak enough to catch yet."

   "Alright! You heard him Zigzagoon!" The attack whittled Ralts's hit points down to where it needed to be. It weakly responded with Growl. Wally threw the pokeball at it, and easily caught it. He slowly retrieved it, as if he couldn't believe that he had caught it.

   "You see, Wally? There's nothing to it! Raise that Ralts well, and use it to catch more Pokemon!" I said, patting him on the back. "Now, let's go back to my dad's gym so you can return that Zigzagoon."

   We walked back to the gym. Wally kept staring at the ball he caught Ralts in proudly. "Hey Mr. Fegelein! I did it! I caught a Pokemon!" Wally yelled as we went in.

   "Great job, Wally!" He said, coming toward us. "It wasn't nearly as hard as you thought it'd be, was it?"

   "Nope!" Wally replied, handing Zigzagoon's pokeball back to my dad. "Well, my parents want me back home, so I gotta go. Thanks again you guys!" He rushed out of the gym before we could respond.

   "Good job, Wolfgang, you're going to be a damn good trainer. So, I bet you'll be taking the gym challenge, right? You'll want to start at the gym in Rustboro. To get there, just go straight through the Petalburg Woods."

   "Alright dad, thanks for the advice." I said, heading  out the door.

   "Now go, spread your fire." He said. I turned around and nodded, pretending I knew what he meant by it. He could be vague at times, but the phrase seemed to hold meaning to him. With that, I left my "comfort zone" in Hoenn and headed for Rustboro.


  1. Just found your blog, looks pretty cool

  2. Missed the last few updates, but you seem to be doing alright =)

  3. I loce Pokemon ! Can't wait to play the White/Black version !

  4. Hahaha I may need some more context here o_O

  5. Nice story man! Keep up the posting and daily lifestyle blogs!